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Thank you for joining us in our home automation blog. We at Duprey Home Automation would like to use this blog as a way to communicate with you and share our passion for technology and all that can be done in this exploding field. Just a few short years ago home automation was only for the very wealthy. Today that is simply not true anymore. No longer do you have to spend $20,000, $30,000, $50,000 for a whole home system. Today there are excellent starter kits for around $1,000 (before installation) that would get you well on the way to a smart home. Substantial systems can be had for as little as 5,000.
At Duprey Home Automation we specialize in the Insteon standard and using solutions from Apple to automate homes. We believe very strongly in this standard and are excited to see new products being released regularly. Insteon is what is called a dual mesh system. This means that it uses two means of communication, powerline and RF. If a signal doesn’t get through using one means of communication there is a back up. This greatly increases reliability. In our usage, when the system is properly set up using at least 2 access points, the system is extremely reliable. Like any system a foundation is important.
Insteon is also known as a redundant system. This means that each node in the system acts as a repeater. If a message doesn’t get through to the responding node, other nodes will repeat the signal to get the message through. This all happens in a fraction of a second, making the system very fast.
These features, along with being very cost effective, make Insteon an excellent choice for a Home Automation Standard. At Duprey Home Automation, we know that money can be tight, especially in times like these, this is just another of the several reasons is why we are big fans of Insteon.

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