Hi, my name is Brian Duprey, owner of Duprey Home Automation.

I’d like to personally welcome you to our site.  My main goal is to help you to get more from your house, and enjoy the many exciting and fun things you can do with it, while at the same time increasing your families safety and saving money. My wife and I have a young son and nothing is more important than protecting your family.  Please take a look around and let us help you to take your house into the 21st century. 

Like most people, I got into home automation as a hobby. It started simply, I enjoyed the convenience of being able to turn lights on and off with a remote control. From there, I found software for my computer and added more and more devices to the system. Now, I can control appliances, lights, music, video, HVAC controls, security cameras, and more all from my iPhone or any web browser anywhere in the world. I can check in on my house via security cameras from anywhere. I can monitor the temperature in the house, and adjust the thermostat accordingly. I can water the yard, but only after the system checks the weather, and makes sure that it isn’t going to rain. The possibilities are endless.

I have over 20 years experience as a web & graphic designer, so those skills help me to create attractive visual interfaces that can be displayed on multiple display types. For example web pages can be customized with information designed and sized for computers, tablet PC’s, web capable phones such as the iPhone, touchscreen remotes and more. Anything is possible.

Let us help you create the futuristic home of your dreams!
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