Save Money and Be “Green”

  • Have lights turn off when not needed using motion detection
  • Turn the thermostat up when not at home, and when you go to bed
  • Blinds open and close at set times to let light in and heat and cool home accordingly
  • Maximize efficiency with lights, Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Many Homeowners Insurance policies offer discounts for the home automation and security systems.

Home SecurityBenefits of Home Automation

  • Cameras that see day and night, inside and outside of the home
  • Automatically sense motion and start recording to hard drive or DVR
  • Email your cell phone with photos at set times or on certain conditions
  • Your home can call (911, a neighbor or you) for help if needed
  • Check in on your house (with cameras) via the web from around the block or around the world wherever there is internet access!
  • Monitor your house while on vacation
  • Monitor your vacation house while you are home- Great for “Snow Birds”
  • Be notified of opened doors, broken glass, motion at the door, in the driveway, around the perimeter of the house, while you are asleep
  • Be notified if you left the garage door open, have it automatically close at night or at other times and conditions.

Lower the Cost of Home Repairs

  • Be notified immediately of water leaks/ frozen pipes etc. to avoid more extensive damage and costly repairs
  • The house can tell you if the freezer or other appliance goes out.

Help Those with Disabilities

  • Turn on lights/appliances by remote or automatically
  • Enable independence
  • Enable audible and spoken commands- speak to the house to control things. The house can notify the user of specific things as needed

Convenience & Enjoyment

  • Have the house perform routine tasks automatically such as watering the yard- but first it can check to see if it has not rained recently and after checking the weather to make sure no rain is in the forecast!
  • See who is at the door on any TV in the house
  • The house can turn off all lights, appliances, arm security system etc with the push of one button when you go to bed or leave for the day.
  • Automate home theater entertainment, one button closes shades, lowers lights, turns on correct equipment and starts the show!
  • The house can wake you up at your desired time, tell you the date and time, read you the weather and news, turn on lights, and play your favorite music, all on its own, or with the push of a button