Does Your House Talk to You?

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Having a house that can alert you of situations can be a real convenience.

Our home alerts us of many different situations,

Apple's Airport Express

Apple’s Airport Express- Fits in your hand.

problems and events throughout the day. This can be done many different ways. We use a Mac control system that uses applescripts to activate and deactivate, along with switching sources, to all the different speakers around the home, connected wirelessly via several of Apple’s Airport Expresses.  This is a inexpensive way to have speakers in all the rooms in the house.  Plus with software on the Mac, you can send just about any audio source wirelessly around the house.
Once you get the infrastructure in place, the sky is the limit.  Our home, with the help of a little apple-scripting, gives us all kinds of information.  In the morning, the house wakes us up, greets us with the day and date.  Then it notifies us of any alerts and tells us how many messages we have.  It reads us the days forecast, then plays a 1 minute weather report podcast, updated automatically via iTunes every hour.  After the weather is done, the house can tell us of any important meetings, doctor visits, etc. on the schedule for the day.  Then it switches over to iTunes to play our favorite playlists or internet radio stations. This all happens automatically, without initiation by us at all.
The home asks us each night what time it should wake us up in the morning. If it doesn’t get an answer, it goes to the default time.  During our morning routine, the Mac automatically switches sources from iTunes to the system audio and turns on specific sets of speakers around the home to tell us the time so we are not late for our day.  It then goes back to playing the music where it left off.  When its time to wake up our young son, the lights in his room turn on softly and notify us that it is time for him to wake up.  During the morning routine the house will alert us to things like if it is garbage or recycling day- and reminds us to put out the cans.  When its time to leave it warns us, turns off all the lights/appliances, kicks us up the thermostat, activates the security system, arms the cameras motion sensors, activates all the security triggers in the home automation system, and wishes us well!
The house notifies us of several other things throughout the day as well. We have contact sensors on doors and select windows.  So for instance if my sons window ever opens all the lights in the house will turn on and the system alerts us loudly over all the speakers in the house.  Also, the house checks each night to make sure the garage door is closed at a certain time. If it is open, it notifies us and closes is automatically.
Once you have this system in place, your imagination is the limit. The house can notify you of just about anything, motion detected outside the home, temperature thresholds being hit, someone at t he front door, new email or missed phone calls, if you can think it, it can be done!

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