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This week, Duprey Home Automation was hired for a very interesting and smart  installation. A client contacted us, looking to get into home automation.  He is from the Mid-West, but has a vacation home in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  The client wanted to be able to control several key devices around the home that are large energy hogs.  Since there are some periods of time where the home is unoccupied he would like to be able to remotely turn off the

220V Controller

220V Controller

water heater and pool heater among other things.  The client already has a Mac in the home that is always on and running the IP-based security camera system so he would like to  use this Mac in the system.  We came up with a simple but effective solution to meet all his requirements, and do it very reasonably.
Indigo by Perceptive Automation

Indigo by Perceptive Automation

We are installing a few Insteon devices to control the appliances we need to control, and an Insteon PLC to interface with the Mac.  We will install the software Indigo, by Perceptive Automation.  We will then finish by designing some simple web pages using Indigo’s web server to allow the client to access his home from any internet connection in the world to control his home.  From this foundation of Insteon access points, a PLC and Indigo, we can expand to more lights and appliances in the future.
We thought we would share this installation with our readers, as it is an excellent way to get started with Home Automation inexpensively and also control items in your home to save energy and money.
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