Finally- First Look: Insteon Energy Display- Hit or Miss?

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Monitor Your Energy Usage with the Smart Home Energy Display and iMeter Solo.

Today I was excited to get the new Smart Home catalog.  I love thumbing through the pages and checking out the new toys.  I was excited to see the new energy monitoring device and display.  At first.

Smart Home Catalog

The New Smart Home Catalog April ’11

I have been waiting for Smart Labs to come out with an Energy Detective (TED) type device that is natively Insteon compatible. Something that I could just plug into my Insteon network and it would just work.  There are some devices out there for energy monitoring, but I haven’t been thrilled with what I have read so far.  I have had several conversations with customers about monitoring their energy usage as a way to both save money and be “green”. I think if people knew how much that lamp, for example, cost them to leave on all day, they would be more willing to turn it off.
Unfortunately, after looking at the devices Smart Home came out with, I was a little disappointed. The “Energy Display” is not the best looking device I have seen, it’s only black and white, and it has some serious limitations.  The biggest is that is can only monitor three (3) devices!  I want something that can monitor my entire home and give me the stats on energy usage.  There are other products out there that do this.
I hope I am wrong.  I really want to be. I want Smart Home to develop a device, that integrates with Insteon, that will allow me to monitor as well as control ALL my electrical devices in my home.  I wouldn’t mind trying one out if Smart Home wants to provide me with one.   I will be glad to write a full review after.
What do you think about this subject?  Are you interested in monitoring your energy usage and integrating it with your home automation system?  Will you buy the Smart Home Insteon Modules, or will you continue to wait for something better.

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Insteon Energy Display

Insteon Energy Display


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