Home Automation Can Help Prevent a Disaster at Home

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This one happened to me just this past week.
Ever since I have completed the changeover in my home to smart switches and devices, I have really started to enjoy the use of sensors around the home.  I have already set up several sensors that offer all kinds of information that my computer takes in, and then makes decisions as to which actions to perform.  For example, I have a garage door sensor, that detects if the door has been left open.  At set times a script will run and the home will notify me if I need to close it.  I also have door sensors to detect when our doors have been opened.  We also installed sensors on some important windows (kids room etc.).  Motion sensors are also used both inside and outside of the home to notify us when people are at the front door, or if there is motion anywhere around my home.  This next level of intelligence really allows you to do some fun, and amazing things.  Once you have the data at your fingertips, what you do with it is limitless.
Another type of sensor that I have looked into is a group of sensors that do things like detect water, detect freezing

Insteon Freezer Failure Sensor Kit

Insteon Freezer Failure Sensor Kit

temperatures, or a drop/ rise in temperature. I have looked at the freezer sensor for a while, and now I wish I jumped at it.  This past week, our refrigerator died. Not only did we lose all the food in both the refrigerator and freezer, we had significant water damage to deal with as well.  As anyone knows who has gone through something like this, it’s not fun.  Not only did we need to buy a new refrigerator, and food to fill it, but we had to spend hours cleaning up the water, pulling back the carpets (in adjacent room), replace padding, and deal with loud drying fans and dehumidifiers for a few days. Overall- not a fun experience, and an expensive one.  All of this trouble could have been prevented, if only I had bought that freezer sensor I had looked at.  This $65 kit from Smart Home would have saved me a weekend of aggravation and some serious money.  I think I will be going through the home looking for places that could use different sensors.  There are kits to detect a leak in any water line, such as water heater, dishwasher or laundry machine.  Other kits can sense temperature changes, water pressure, rainfall, and much more.  If you can think it, there is a kit for it!  I hope this post helps someone out there to save time and money with their home.

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