How Smart Is Your Home?

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Lets talk about your home. How smart is it?

Does your home KNOW what is happening in and around it? Does it notify YOU when specific things happen or when problems arise? Well we can help you turn your everyday house into a smart home.
Does your home know when someone approaches it? We can create a home that automatically greets visitors with lights, and notifies the owners via speakers, and can even show a video feed on tv’s or monitors throughout the home when someone approaches.
Do your sprinklers or irrigation system run in the rain? We can make the systems smart, and save you money!
Do your outside lights turn on and off automatically each night? We can automate the lights based on time of day and randomize it for the lived in look.
Does your thermostat adjust the temperature in your home automatically throughout the day? We can help you save energy & money, while making the home consistently comfortable. We can even program the thermostat to automatically roll back the temperature when the house is unoccupied.
Does your home acknowledge when you arrive, read your email, automatically play your favorite music or give you the weather report when you leave? All this is possible with smart home technology.
Can you log into your home from anywhere in the world to control all the lights, appliances, view security settings and cameras? Duprey Home Automation can make this happen! Have peace of mind that your home is SAFE and SECURE when you are away.
Does your house notify you when:

  • Motion is detected or doors/windows opened
  • Temperature in the home hits specific thresholds
  • There is a water leak or broken glass
  • Doors, windows, or the garage is left open
  • Cars arrive in the driveway

All these things are possible with technology available today and home automation. Think of the many things that you can do to save you money, and make your home more convenient and fun. Call Duprey Home Automation today to let us show you what we can do for your family.

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  1. Ian  July 28, 2010

    All that and a whole lot more!

  2. Ian  July 31, 2010

    You can view a demo on my blog It controls lights, heating, sprinklers, … It has it’s own language to define complex logic that can take account of past events (e.g. kitchen is 5% more occupied today than yesterday) and future events (e.g. percentage chance of rain in the next two days > 10%). It integrates with Caller ID, PBX, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, … It has a natural language interface so you can use an IM client or email it with your requests. It can even answer complex questions like “Who called last month on a friday after 5pm?”. It also has a music library and supports multiple audio cards and zone switchers so you can ask it “Play songs added last month in dining room” for example. Oh, and it does Weather, Traffic, Snow Reports, Pass Closures, Twitter, Facebook, RSS and Podcasts too.


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