Intelligent & Automated Christmas Lights

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Like millions of Americans we enjoy putting up Christmas Lights on the house each year. As a smart home owner, and a Home Automation installer,  I have to have my lights totally integrated within my total home system.

Here is a breif video we made showing how you can control christmas lights via an iPhone.  In this example we are using an iPhone running the iOS App Indigo, by Perceptive Automation.  We love this app as it is very powerful.  We can control the lights, and the tree (along with everything else in the house) individually, or in groups, or all together.[youtube]HdIs3IcFX_M[/youtube] Click for a little better quality on YouTube

I programmed the lights to be completely autonomous.  They come on at dusk, with a variation of 10 minutes, as to not appear to be too routine.
Then they shut themselves off at a predetermined time as well.  They are also part of our outside lighting groups or scenes, so I can control them as part of all the outside lights, and they are also on the light of devices to be turned off when I hit the master “BED” button on my night stand, turning everything in the house off and putting the entire home into night mode, thus saving energy, while ensureing security is taken care of.
I hope you enjoy this quick video, we’d love to see your home automation lighting displays.  We know this is not a lighting display that will blow your socks off, as we live in a very conservative area, and only wanted to do so much.  Send us links to your displays, and we’d love to hear from you!

You can check out our other videos on YouTube, And as always, don’t forget to Follow us on Twitterand Become a Fan on Facebook.Thanks, we look forward to connecting with you!

PS.  Thanks to everyone for the kind words of congrats about the new baby, we appreciate it!  Have a Great Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
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