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There are countless projects using home automation tools that will benefit you and your family. Here is just a starting point to get you thinking of what is possible.

1.   Control your lights and appliances with smart switches, and remotes

2.   Set up scenes, where you press a single button and lights and other devices are automatically set to your desired levels.

 3.  Integrate your computer to operate everything over the internet from any computer or web device.

4. Stream your iTunes library wirelessly to every room in the house and your TV. This can be done very reasonably!

5.  Control your music and video from anywhere in the house

6.  Security cameras to monitor the inside and outside of your home, while playing the video on televisions and computer screens.  You can even have access to them from the internet.

7.  Set up motion detectors to turn on lights automatically when you enter a room, and turn them off when you leave, saving money on electricity!

8.  Automate your irrigation systems, and control them from your PC!

9.  Have your computer talk to you, giving you the information you want (such as news, weather or read your email) to prepare you for your day. 

10.  Set lights on timers. Have outside lights turn on and off at set times, have the front door light turn on whenever someone approaches.

11. Use one touch screen universal remote to control all your A/V gear  as well as lights and appliances!

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