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Imagine for a moment, a home that knows what you want, when you want it.  Imagine a home that knows your family’s routines.  A home that can take care of the mundane day to day things such as watering the lawn, vacuuming the floors, adjusting the thermostat, making sure all the lights are turned off at night, making sure the garage door is shut.  A home that turns on the outside lights at set times, and turns them off as well.  Imagine a home that opens and closes the drapes and curtains at the optimal times to allow the right amount of light in and can talk to the thermostat to control the temperature of the house perfectly.  All of this is possible with home automation!

Here is a very common scenario.  Its time to wake up, but before an annoying alarm clock has the chance to startle you out of bed, your house takes over.  The house turns on speakers in your master bedroom, and gently wakes you with kind words.  “Jim, its time to wake up”.  The computer tells you the date and time, gives a brief summary of the current weather conditions, then plays a quick weather forecast for your local area.  The house reminds you that today is your wife’s birthday and the plumber will be there at 4PM.  After that it plays your favorite music on the bathroom speakers while you get ready.  Every so often the house reminds you what time it is so you never run late.  The house knows what time the kids need to wake up for school and gently turns their lights on to wake them, then plays their favorite music on the speakers in their rooms.  Select lights are lit at predetermined levels to subtly guide you through the house, not to hurt waking eyes.  Specific drapes open to the perfect amount to allow just the right amount of light in.  The coffee pot has your morning beverage ready for you at just the right time.   Back in the bathroom, the house reads your email to you while you shave, and the office computer syncs your iPhone so your schedule is up to date.  You check in on the kids via the flat screen monitor mounted on the wall, showing all the cameras in the house.  The kids are notified when the bus pulls up and are escorted off to school.  While you get ready to leave yourself, the home reminds you that it is trash day, so be sure to put out the cans.  As you walk out the door you reach for a touchpad mounted in the hallway and press a single button, “Away”.  The home leaps into action, shutting off all the lights, turning off TV’s and radios,  and adjusting the thermostat to save energy.  The smart home makes sure the doors and windows are secure and locked, ensures the garage door is closed and that motion sensors both inside and outside the house are activated, and security cameras are set to record.  All that with the push of one button!

Everything just described is NOT from science fiction.  It is all possible today, and you do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars!  Home automation systems are getting smarter every day.  They are learning how to interact with every part of your home.  Join us in this blog and on our website as we discuss what home automation, or turning your home into a “smart home” can do for you!

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