Why a Smart Home?

There are Several Reasons!

Save Money & Be “Green”
Put lights on timers and dim them automatically whenever possible- saving energy and money!  Automatically turn off lights in rooms that are not being used.  Monitor and control the thermostat for optimum savings.  Run machines and electronics at specified times when energy rates are cheapest.

Security Cameras protect your family

Security- Keep your home and belongings SAFE
Motion sensors and surveillance cameras let you monitor your home from anywhere via the web or be alerted on your mobile phone.

Disaster Prevention
Sensors can notify you when things go wrong in your home or if repairs are needed.  This will prevent the problem from getting out of hand, lowering the cost of repairs.  Imagine being alerted instantly on your mobile phone if there is a water leak anywhere in the home, or if the freezer fails or if the inside temparature hits a certain threshold (high or low).  Sensors can do this and much more!

Convenience and Enjoyment- Its Fun!
Enjoy never having to run around the house to turn things off.  Just pull out your cell phone or use one of our remotes to control anything in the house.  You can also push a button and have the house run itself!

Enjoy your smart home!